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Beautification Ministry

Ministry Leader: Carol Warfield The Beautification Ministry takes pride in ensuring that our church is not only a spiritual haven but also a visually inviting space for all who enter. From arranging flowers to maintaining cleanliness, every detail is carefully attended to, reflecting our reverence for God's house and creating an atmosphere conducive to worship and fellowship.

Christian Couples Ministry

Ministry Leader: The Christian Couples Ministry is a vibrant community within our church dedicated to enriching and strengthening marriages. Through regular gatherings, counseling sessions, and marriage enrichment programs, couples are equipped with biblical principles and practical tools to navigate the joys and challenges of married life, fostering deeper love, understanding, and commitment.

Christian Education Ministry

Ministry Leader: William McDaniel At the heart of our church's mission is the Christian Education Ministry, committed to nurturing spiritual growth and deepening biblical understanding among individuals of all ages. Through Sunday School classes, discipleship programs, seminars, and study groups, we seek to empower believers to live out their faith authentically in every aspect of their lives.

Children and Youth Ministry

CYCM Director: Shelia McCray CYCM is a vibrant hub of activity, catering to the unique spiritual needs and interests of our youngest members. From engaging Sunday School lessons to dynamic youth groups and exciting events such as College Outreach and Performing Arts, we strive to create a nurturing environment where young hearts can encounter God's love, grow in their faith, and develop lifelong friendships. College Outreach Ministry Leader: Stephanie Hopkins Performing Arts Ministry Leader: Hendon Barber

Deaconess & Mothers Ministry

Ministry Leader: Andrea Gilbert The Deaconess & Mothers Ministry is a cornerstone of support and encouragement for women within our church family. Through prayer meetings, mentorship programs, and community outreach initiatives, we aim to empower women to fulfill their God-given roles with grace and wisdom, fostering spiritual growth, and nurturing the next generation of believers.


Ministry Leader: Dea. Jerry Warfield Serves as a pillar of strength and support for our church community, assisting with practical needs, spiritual guidance, and compassionate care. Whether offering a listening ear, providing practical assistance, or leading in times of prayer, our deacons faithfully embody the servant-hearted leadership modeled by Christ, ensuring that every member feels valued, heard, and cared for.

Hospitality Ministry

Ministry Leader: Melinda Hudson The Hospitality Ministry extends a warm and genuine welcome to all who enter our doors, ensuring that each person feels valued, seen, and loved. From greeting newcomers with a smile to providing refreshments after service, our hospitality team creates a welcoming atmosphere where all can experience the love and acceptance of Christ, fostering genuine connections and a sense of belonging within our church family.


Ministry Leader: The Kitchen Ministry serves up more than just delicious meals; it nourishes both body and soul. From preparing food for church events to offering a listening ear and a warm meal to those in need, our kitchen team embodies the spirit of hospitality and service, reflecting God's love through acts of kindness and generosity.


Ministry Leader: Dea. Hosea Minnieweather The Laymen Ministry empowers every member of our church to actively participate in the work of ministry, recognizing that each person has unique gifts and talents to contribute to God's kingdom. Through training, mentorship, and opportunities for service, we seek to equip and mobilize lay members to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, both within our church community and beyond.



Ministry Leader: Ashley Smith The Military Ministry honors and supports members of the armed forces and their families, recognizing the sacrifices they make in service to our country. Through prayer initiatives, care packages, and practical assistance, we seek to express our gratitude and extend God's love to those who bravely serve and protect our nation.



Ministry Leader: Quentin Ransburg The Music Ministry lifts hearts and spirits through the power of song, leading our congregation in heartfelt worship and praise. From uplifting hymns to soul-stirring anthems, our music team creates an atmosphere where worshippers can encounter God in a profound and transformative way, drawing closer to Him through the universal language of music.


Ministry Leader: Dina Walker The Nursery Ministry provides a safe and loving environment where our youngest members can begin their journey of faith. Through age-appropriate activities, storytelling, and prayer, we lay a foundation of love and truth, nurturing the hearts of our little ones and instilling in them a lifelong love for Jesus.

Nurses Guild Ministry

Ministry Leader: Bobby Stokes The Nurses Guild offers compassionate care and support to those in need within our church community. Whether providing first aid during services, offering a comforting presence to the sick and elderly, or organizing health and wellness initiatives, our nurses reflect God's love through acts of kindness and service, embodying the healing ministry of Christ.

Pastor's Aide Ministry

Ministry Leader: Dorothy Jackson The Pastor's Aide Ministry stands as a faithful support system for our pastoral team, ensuring they are cared for, encouraged, and equipped to fulfill their calling with excellence. From practical assistance with daily tasks to fervent prayer and spiritual encouragement, our pastor's aides are dedicated to uplifting and empowering our pastors, enabling them to lead with strength, wisdom, and grace.

Public Relations / Media Ministry

Ministry Leader: Erika Barber The Public Relations/Media Ministry serves as the voice and face of our church to the wider community, sharing the good news of the gospel with clarity, creativity, and authenticity. Through social media, press releases, and promotional materials, we seek to effectively communicate the mission, values, and events of our church, inviting others to experience the life-changing love of Christ.


Ministry Leader: Candace Mayes The Recreation Ministry fosters fellowship, fun, and healthy living within our church community. From sports leagues to outdoor adventures and family-friendly events, we provide opportunities for individuals and families to connect, unwind, and experience the joy of community in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Sunday School Ministry

Sunday School Superintendent: James Davis The Sunday School Ministry is dedicated to providing a nurturing and engaging environment where children, youth, and adults can grow in their knowledge and understanding of God's Word. Through age-appropriate lessons, interactive activities, and meaningful discussions, we aim to equip individuals of all ages with a solid foundation of biblical truth, empowering them to live out their faith in their daily lives. School Liaison Ministry (Elementary): Cameshsa Hatchett School Liaison Ministry (Secondary): Falana Burks


Ministry Leader: The Trustee Ministry stewards the physical and financial resources of our church with integrity, wisdom, and faithfulness. From managing budgets and overseeing property maintenance to ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, our trustees work diligently behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation and long-term sustainability of our church's mission and ministry.


Ministry Leader: Mitzi Tucker The Ushers Ministry plays a vital role in creating a welcoming and orderly atmosphere during our church services and events. From greeting guests with a friendly smile to assisting with seating and collecting offerings, our ushers embody the spirit of hospitality and service, ensuring that all who enter our doors feel valued, respected, and cared for.

Women's  Mission Ministry

Ministry Leader: Alexia Evans The Women's Mission Ministry empowers and equips women to live out their faith boldly and compassionately, both within our church community and in the world beyond. Through prayer, fellowship, and service projects, we seek to ignite a passion for mission and justice, inspiring women to make a tangible difference in the lives of others and bring God's kingdom values to bear on every aspect of society.

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